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Comments from Buyers: Watercolor wonderful captures their playfulness. Five stars. Thanks & God Bless Minnesota Girls looking at reflection in stream 09/29/2012 Wonderful watercolor portrait. Thanks and God bless Minnesota Italian Peasant Girl Looking Upward Holding Book 09/12/2012 Thank you for the wonderful thing! Ukraine Young Peasant Girl Looking Down 09/10/2012 Painting is beautiful and very true to picture on Ebay. Seller very talented! USA Young peasant boy in Field of flowers 08/01/2012 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! THANK YOU HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ARTIST A++++++++++++++++ USA Young girl with black bow head study - 1974 08/01/2012 Another wonderful pastel. 5 star seller. I'll be back again. Thanks and God ble Minnesota Young peasant girl holding bird 07/26/2012 Wonderful painting. Fine art at its best. Thanks and God bless Minnesota Autumn Road 06/11/2012 thank you for the beautiful portrait. a nice work from an inspired artist USA Peasant Girl holding lemon 06/11/2012 Great pastel; very nice seller; thanks! USA Russian Peasant Girl picking flowers 06/09/2012 Fantastic transaction, Beautiful painting! Italy Snowy NY winter landscape in deep woods 05/20/2012 Gorgeous!!! Italy Autumn Trees 05/20/2012
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Early Works:
  • Experimenting early on with oil pastels, oil paint, watercolor and charcoal led to a strong foundation in the basics of color, tone, and value. Only when these values are correct can true Realist fine art come to fruition.
  • Expanding on that basis, I feel as though I am expanding my horizons artistically and thematically when I sometimes delve to the side of Impressionist works in my oeuvre. Impressionist, without straying too far from realism is my approach.

Molly in Water Color
Master Copy of Peter Paul Reuben's painting.
Young girl with black bow head study - 1974
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